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“Speed of procurement along with the personal rapport

of a boutique firm enabled us to quickly fill

our internal talent gap with world class candidates










Cyber Exec


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Jean-Louis Lam, Managing Partner, has a 25 year track record in the international financial markets where he has held numerous management positions at top tier global banks, financial institutions, and the New York Stock Exchange. 

He benefits from a vast private network of Defense, IT,

Cyber Security, financial, and energy C-Level peers and passive senior candidates.




Jeffery Haupt, Managing Director for the U.S., has a strong background in corporate recruitment, start-ups, venture capital, technology, social media, public relations, marketing, and dark pool talent management. A futurist with a vision of the big-picture, he brings with him the perspective of a large, world-class firm to our boutique.  He is based in Chicago. 

(312) 620 9515





Suresh Katamreddy, Managing Director of Technology is a strong operations leader and expert on large technology staffing deployments and implementation. Suresh benefits from a very vast U.S. network of decision makers both in the public and private sectors. His collaboration on C-Level technology opportunities and professional placements, make him an irreplaceable asset for Cyber Exec in the technology space. 





Sri Bandla,  Senior Board Advisor on Technology brings with him over two decades of experience in Information Technology, Enterprise Resource Planning, Research & Development, 

IT Staffing, Managed Services, Cloud Services, Leadership, and Strategic Planning. His deep expertise and global network in Information Technology make him a formidable Executive Partner and Advisor at Cyber Exec. 






























Areas of practice


We provide executive searches which are confidential, prompt, and cost effective.

Clients count on us for a powerful, expert approach to filling their internal talent gaps very rapidly. 

The candidates profiles we deliver from our offices are:



C4ISR, Defense & Aerospace, Cyber Security, 

Managed Security Services, Unified Threat Managment


Board of Directors Searches & Cyber Resilience Consulting
 IT Contract 
Staffing Procurement,  ERP IT Implementation

Medical Staffing & Healthcare Executive Searches
Finance, Trading, Banking, Brokerage, Private Equity 
Manufacturing, Supply Chain, COO
Global Talent Acquisition and Deployment
C-Level Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences











Cyber Exec

Retained Executive Search




Accurate searches

Speed of procurement

Global network

World class candidates

Top Clearance

Cyber Resilience

IT implementation





Jean-Louis Lam, Managing Partner

(202) 903 8876





                CYBER EXEC EUROPE & ASIA

                Ken Tachibana

                Global Chairman

                 +351 966 236 860












Girish Prabhu, Executive Director, Head of U.S. Engineering,

has over 20 years of global experience in Enterprise Network Security, Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ), Managed Services, IT Project Management, Custom Technology Solutions, Outsourcing, IT Staffing, Deployment, and

Unified Threat Management. He is based in Houston.


Ken Tachibana, Global Chairman, has a 30 year track record of success in venture capital, start-ups, technology, and Silicon Valley.

Ken's international private network at the senior level covers the Global 2000 and U.S. Fortune 500 spaces. His unique language and multi-cultural skills have him fully dedicated to the international corporate market. 

+351 966 236 860


Cyber Exec is a retained boutique executive search firm delivering highly skilled talent in Information Technology, Cyber Security, CISSP, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, and Energy, in the Global 2000, U.S. Fortune 500, and public sector.

Blessed with a global private & proprietary network of passive candidates across multiple industries and disciplines, we deliver prompt, professional, and highly experienced C-Level and technical professionals in a variety of fields and sectors. 


We also manage and execute full-service IT projects, turn-key, from start to finish. This includes rapid staff augmentation, project management, cost efficient on-premise deployment and completion of the project.


We deliver:


Retained Executive, Managerial & Technical talent

Network & Enterprise Security, CISSP.

Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP )

Unified Threat Management Solutions ( UTM )

IT Contract work and IT Project Staffing

Medical staffing & Healthcare C-Level staffing

Local, national, or global talent search & deployments   Turn-Key Human Resources solutions

Bulk deployments / Global Executive Searches
Sales teams 

Analysts, Incident Response Management

Cyber Security C-Level consulting

Top Secret Clearance candidates