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“Speed of procurement along with the personal rapport

of a boutique firm enabled us to quickly fill

our internal talent gap with world class candidates










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Jean-Louis Lam, Managing Partner, has a 25 year track record in the international financial markets where he has held numerous management positions at top tier global banks, financial institutions, and the New York Stock Exchange. 

He benefits from a vast private network of Defense, IT,

Cyber Security, financial, and energy C-Level peers and passive senior candidates.




Jeffery Haupt, Managing Director for the U.S., has a strong background in corporate recruitment, start-ups, venture capital, technology, social media, public relations, marketing, and communications. A futurist with a vision of the big-picture. He brings with him the perspective of a large, world-class firm to our boutique.  He is based in Chicago. 

(312) 620 9515




Temperance Sanders, Managing Director, benefits from over 20 years of professional experience in the U.S. Army. She specializes in C4iSR, top clearance, and highly technical talent acquisition. 

Temperance's pool of executive candidates spans both the Global 2000 space in security, defense, aerospace, as well as a vibrant U.S. private sector network. She lives between Washington D.C.

and Cincinnati. (513) 225 5541



Mark Gembicki, Executive Director, is the current CEO and Chief Architect of Resilient Corporation. Mark began is 32 year career as a National Security Agency Analyst. He is a national expert on cyber resilience matters, big data analytics, cyberterrorism and is distinguished by a U.S. National Security Council post as Director of the Manhattan Cyber Project. Mark has also served several U.S. administration as a non-partisan expert on cyber security.




Susan Hooper, Managing Director for the Western U.S. and Canada, has successfully accumulated two decades of executive experience in North America covering a variety of sectors, candidates, and C-Level peers. Her diverse global network of passive candidates insure the speed, accuracy, and quality of her delivery. She is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

(604) 719 1129





































Areas of practice


We provide executive searches which are confidential, timely, and effective.

Clients count on us for a powerful, expert approach to filling their internal talent gaps rapidly. 

The candidates profiles we search for and deliver from our offices are:



C4ISR, Defense & Aerospace, Cyber Security, IT Managed Services


Board of Directors Searches & Cyber Resilience Consulting
 IT Contract 
Staffing,  ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning )

Full Medical Staffing & Healthcare Executive Searches
Finance, Trading, Banking, Brokerage, Private Equity 
Manufacturing, Supply Chain, COO
Global Talent Acquisition and Deployment
C-Level Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences

Legal Recruitment, Attorneys, Managing Partners










Cyber Exec

Retained Executive Search




Accurate searches

Speed of procurement

Global network

World class candidates

Top Clearance

Cyber Resilience





Jean-Louis Lam, Managing Partner

(202) 903 8876





                CYBER EXEC EUROPE & ASIA

                Ken Tachibana

                Chairman and Managing Director

                 +351 966 236 860











Srini Nachiappan, Managing Director for India,

is focused on emerging technologies and markets, start-ups, venture capital staffing,

and international executive search.

Srini cultivates a vast network of pan-Asian C-Level professionals in India, Singapore, and the ASEAN region. 

+91 96636 15009


Ken Tachibana, Chairman & Managing Director for Europe and Asia has a 30 year track record in venture capital, start-ups, technology, and the Silicon Valley scene. Ken's global private network at the senior level covers the Global 2000 space.  Ken's unique language and cultural skills have him fully dedicated to the international corporate market. 

+351 966 236 860


Cyber Exec is a Retained boutique executive search firm serving clients in Information Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, and Energy, in the Global 2000 space. 

Blessed with a private & proprietary network of passive candidates across multiple industries and disciplines,

we are able to conduct prompt, professional, and satisfactory executive, managerial, and technical searches in a variety of fields and sectors. 



Well versed in current international law, cyber standards, the latest technology advances, we are also well aware of the distinction between shareholders expectations and stakeholders demands. Our goal is therefore to implement HR solutions with a an experienced long term view on strategy, and outcomes.


We offer:


Retained Executive, Managerial & Technical searches

Board of Directors Searches

Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP )

IT Contract work and IT Project Staffing

Medical staffing & Healthcare C-Level staffing

Local, national, or global talent search & deployments   Turn-Key Human Resources solutions

Bulk deployments with large numbers of candidates
Sales teams or individuals